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A2_Receptor Breakthrough+dump

Our session in Denver where we had our big mental shift from ontological objects to receptive spaces... holding the space for an as-of-yet-unknown interaction.


A2_Receptor Breakthrough+juicy bits

  • Seeing the whole world as structured by receptors from subatomic bonding, molecules, organic compounds, RNA/DNA, cellular communication, sensory apparatus of organisms, nervous systems, neurons, niches in ecosystems, chairs as but receptors, tables as receptors for stability, etc.

A2_Receptor Breakthrough+cusp

A flip happened of our previous Solar System which was on the right track with agency, but still yang oriented... what was next was figuring out what this meant for our implementation of software.

A2_Receptor Breakthrough+keywords

receptors, yin, yang, RNA, gradients, sense modalities, Denver, breakthrough

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