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Nadine, Farmhouse, Moufraj


Creation of CoreDump Grammar, First use of whiteboards at QIVC


Cosmology as protocols, Expanding matter as Information with internal archived history


Change in the context of signals = dimension of variability on the carrier described/encoded by a protocol


Change in the context of scaping = differences that make a difference


Change in the context of Receptors/Membranes =

Bliss / Joy / Transcendent Attraction as a function of Protocol Accord (Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Wellfulness) 

CD_001+juicy bits

  • Dimensions as verbs: exist/relate, extend, spin
  • “Protocol” = First Glue
  • Existence as relation / spin --> 3d / matter uses spin protocol, EM spectrum uses flux protocol
  • Coherence at center of 3 section diagram (see media)
  • Getting out of Computational Flatland – 1d linear without coherences – spin
  • Change ... Delta as coherence... consciousness... change...

Embodied Running Protocols


Spin, Flatland, Expansion, 

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