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Like numerical math & science hide the deeper relational levels of wealth, Functional (1d) programming hides the deeper relational programming that's possible.


Every address/"object" is its own stack/receptor.


Inflow and outflow are not primitive relations, they are constructed out of some other process.

CD_002+juicy bits

  • "To be able to evolve into stability (object persistence) is quite impressive when all is flux."
  • (ir) Imaginary Relationship ... base process and emergent relationships. e.g. (spin yeilds emergent relations (axis, radius, direction, period, etc.)
  • spin --> yeilds 3d + directional t with periodicity
  • Any process yields emergent relations... 
  • r expressions express these emergent relations
  • Numeracy based math vs. Process based math ... pi is a process not 3.1415926.... e is stability point / coherence in flux ... i is period/vibration ... 1 is unity (as in object existence instead of process existence)
  • e ^ pi * i = -1 (Euler's identity equation) ... transates to: flux coherence (e)  bred with space/time (spin * vibration or period) gives non-unity (-1) or big bang of differentiaion. 

How to compose (ir) language... relational programming... core alphabet of relations...


mathematics, flux reality, pi, e, unity, spin, period, vibration, relational computing

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