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Started day with a call with JF & Fernanda. 


Plant consciousness across all plants (Ayahuasca example)... leading to a deeper discussion of collective consciousness as a kind of morphic resonance for all matched processes. (Of course all Ayahuasca plants share a consciousness because they embody the same process.) 


Consider the possibility: since all electrons seem to be identical, maybe there is just one electron. (or at least one electron process with a multitude of extensions into space-time ... like one object class with multiple instantiations). 


There is a kind of inversion of "collective intelligence" implied in this.  Or rather two distinct layers of "collective" intelligence.  One across all humans... another built on the ability for individuated consciousness to speak new coordination protocols "on top" of their individual autonomy.  Collective unconscious, meditative states, etc.


And what is the value/richness that this individuated consciousness? New degrees of freedom (think GO... resilience, surface area).


Also... morphogenic fields as a process having emerged which can run _again_.


Our (ir) notation is inherently fractal in its structure... It builds on itself fractally which should yeild natural-like architectures. 


A fractal surface presents a consistent interface to any "band" of interaction.


Surface Area Principle: approach the range of variability of the carrier, but don't fill it.


Could we explain the stages of spiral dynamics with our (ir) notation and the orders which emerge that the next layer builds on?


(ir) notation work on fundamental processes: 

  • me / name / I am / declare
  • again / recur
  • reach / extension / alloc / dimension
  • spin / struct / def
  • compare / = / == / bne / subtract=0 / divide=1 / reduce
  • expand / multiply / exponentiate / add / unfold / breed
  • branch / fork / if then
  • ? resonate
  • ? mass
  • ? friction
  • ? moment(um)
  • ? bond/connect/relate
  • ? cross-breed / combine
  • ? breathe

If you use a production grammar the methods of expansion/contraction and their sequence matters a lot for a reliable output.


Our version of a "Turing Machine" would be a surface area, Braunian Space, Krafelian Space, Protocol Space... instead of a machine... it yields a space of possibility for processing.  


So... what is the "spin" which turns 1D linear computing to rich multi-dimensional & fractal coherence spaces?


Answer: Circles. Created by a peered address space with agency to declare into that space to hold the center/axis of the spin to allow relating/composing of the computational surfaces.


The network uuid:  generated on an axis of agency (one segment as the agent instantiating the receptor into the existence scape / address space of the network) with a timestamp per some shared universal "clock." (pulsar, earth radio, solar something, cesium vibration?)


Phonemes of Agency:

Agent segment as a word composed of parts: ID, SubID, Role...

ID: Type (physical, virtual, legal, communal)


LSD... access to infinite complexity space by suppressing filters

- Right Brain: full spectrum receiver 

- Left Brain: tuner/filter/sequencer/constrainer


The magic is in the combining of those two dynamics.


Comparison is contextual. There could be many kinds of comparison... not just our oversimplified notion of equality based on numeracy orientation. e.g. alignment of axes, direction of rotation, radial extension, speed of process, type of process, etc.

CD_005+juicy bits

The whole day was pretty juicy!

  • Krafelian Space vs. Turing Machine
  • Address spaces to create circles (with agency holding the center)
  • Collective Intellegence the layer of morphogenic resonance of like processes
  • Phonemes of Agency
  • Right/Left Brain dynamics

Global distributed natural clock

Comparison & Context


Krafelian space, collective intelligence, surface area, agency, Turing Machine, spin, fractal computing, (ir) notation, right-brain/left-brain

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