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"I am" = coherence.  It is not only the root process, but the ability for a new aggregation of processes and emergent orders to re-state "I am" is what constitutes a new holonic layer of order... a receptor.


Context: leaving the land, time at the Green River, driving to Williamstown and around Mt. Greylock, walking on the Ashuwillticook rail trail.


Fitness for a purpose.  Humanity's fitness for dominion/control: "Mission accomplished" now we are over-fit, time for a new purpose.  We need a story of the new creative purpose as well as the Thomas Berry style stories that show our place in an order.


Right relation is renaturalization.


Language is so explicit and have overshadowed process and relationship.  In the past right relationship was implicit in culture.  Now we have to make it as explicit as language.


Clearing & ritual: balance via rock-stack.


Coherence = energy (in the field of inifinte complexity)


Figure/ground of unity/disunity, identity. falling from complexity to unity AND complexity as unity and creation of identity as disunity.


Potential/kinetic energy in computing systems.  Sleep as a potential space.  Code as potential energy.  Self stored energy as necessary for agency.


Money as stored energy/ fuel for coprporations, viral coherence


Grammar in language as an implicit space for meaning.  In general grammars emerge, and create a receptive space for expression.  Our work is to create an expressive capacity for creating such grammars.  But that meta-grammar will likely not be explicit, rather emergent, a receptive space for the grammars.


Sleep as distributed process synchronization time.



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  • Mission accomplished on control/dominion, consequence of new purpose
  • Right relation is renaturalization.


sleep, renaturalization, purpose, grammar

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