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  1. embodied memory ( the informational seed of emerging coherence)
  2. layer "on top" of this memory producing emergent orders of : identity, again/recurse/loop, resonance w/ core
  3. eventual emergent orders: extend/reach; informational expansion; gravity; listening to the center/deep memomry; exponentially expanding "surface area"
Seed DNA/ embedded wisdom/ still-small-voice/ congruence
Infinite complexity.  The infinity symbol as suggesting that the first glue isn't a simple loop, but rather co-loop, "We am", escher hands, where one's substrate is the other's writing.  Maps to conciousness (the perceiver) and the screen (the perceived).


You write on me, I write on you.


Simultaneous processing listening to other processing creates krafelian space (hands drawing eachother) is fundamentally different from von-Neuman architecture.  


Right/Left brain listening to eachother 


Our methodology: Pattern of polar overshoot in our inquiry (circling around the pole).  Holding existing computing components (git/Turing Machines/programming languages/etc) and waiting to see how they can be used as our frame of reference changes.

Jesse says: "Metathetical"

CD_007+juicy bits

  • first-glue as co-creation of memory (I write on you, you write on me)

  • how to use existing tech while holding these ways of thinking in mind, i.e. "wow, I never though git could do that!"


infinity, krafelian space, co-creation, memory, right-brain/left-brain

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