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VM Host Null Protocol (default protocol for bootstrapping or serializing/restarting)

(_NULL_ ENVELOPE:(handlers: (list +(handler-spec:

      (map address:int name:string data: (map


               aspects: (list *(aspect: (map id:int name:string code:bytecode protocol:grammar)

               initialization:bytecode or data? )

        ) ) ) 

             (bindings: (map *(receptor-aspect:int,int receptor-aspect:int,int) ) )

             (manifest: (map *(macro-name:string macro-value:form) ) )

 BODY: ( (address:_NULL_ name:"Address-Scape" data:(code:[?????] aspects:[CRUD] init:[hash of key:value pairs])

             (address:1 name:"Processing" ...)

             (address:2 name:"Memory" ... )

             (address:3 name:"FileSystem" ...)





These ideas got further developed here:

namely a notation for the envelope/body nature of the ceptr protocol in the use case of how the virtual machine itself would be described in that protocol.


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