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Coding experiment of virtual machine as a "stream crosser" i.e. where an stream of instructions is used to interpret a stream of data.  Coding experiment at:


Light (transverse waves) propagates using the wave pattern across sub-atomic protocols.  Sound (compression waves) propagates using the wave pattern across atomic protocos.  Wave partical duality as reading results of a process at different protocol levels.  Light pressure (photon as particle) is interpretation at the atomic level.  Interference patters is interpreting the results at sub-atomic levels.


- to receive is to log, i.e. a receptor then "has" the sginal

- then we route, transform, etc with a pointer to the log entry which is immutable

- The log is in two parts: 1) the immutable trace/record of signals received,  2) a mutuable control/meta data (accessable via an explicit control channel) about the status of processing that signal.  (In the anansi streamscapes implementation this was done as scapes on droplets).  I.e. this is a process/status scape on the log.

- The log is kind of like the shared data space we've talked about before, it may be it, or may be stored in it.


The body is the capacity to create juncture between two interpretations of flows.  It is cycle, the act of creating an interpretation of one hand as instruction on data on the other hand and then doing that which is meant by that interpretation.

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