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Receptor processing phases/ where 

  • Hardware/Embodied phase: RECEIVE, verb: receive (native functions: log-write)
  • RECOGNIZE, verbs: ack, drop,pass/route,parse (native functions: log-read, log-stats-r/w, pass-in, respond, match)
  • Software/Representational phase: REACT/RESPOND, verbs: ignore, integrate, install (native: abstract symbol tree of parsed stream, send signal)

Recognize phase as state machine/truth table of condition, method, log/status

SMTP handler receptor code experiment of above ideas:


Log entry can hold continuity and be a nexus point for interactions of different receptors, i.e. "pulling the string from either direction"  The calling and returning from a function can be a result changes in log entry state.


Data Type = carrier + protocol


Carrier: dimension of variability of a substrate

Protocol: method of generating/interpreting variations in that dimension


Scapes: carrier + protocol crossed with carrier + protocol??   Scapes has having matching operations and either having or being optimizations on a carrier


what is the substrate and what is related in that substrate in a scape is an interpretation that can flip, i.e. you can ask for the sound level given a location or vice versa.




carrier protocol scape datatype logging

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