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Notes Date (end):


*Scape Spec*


Scape Name

Address Spec: Grammatical structure of key + range constraints?

Keys/Data Sources: Criteria for building collection in scape

Content Spec: Format for the collected content (which may create a new struct from the data sources)

Indexing Functions: For building keys from data + range constraints?

Key Geometry Functions: =, <, >, nearness, next/previous, top/bottom, first/last, range/area, branch/parent/child, comparison/equality, case (sound fingerprint, color, pattern, etc.)

Key Matching Functions: masks, ranges, parsing, lexing, regex, etc.

Data Matching Functions: (for iterative queries) data comparison, regex, *.* masks, parsing/lexing, etc.

Data Geometry Functions: next/prev, first/last, top/bottom, nearness, range/area, branch/parent/child


view (naked) not supported for CD_023+pics



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