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Forking vs. Deprecation, outside-duplication vs. inside forwarding.  This is related to the immune system's method of determinging what "stuff' is both "not-me" and harmful.  Also related to mitosis/miosis.


Rehash of the registering your UUID onto the network protocol via triangulation: one person to give you the algorithm, yourself to create the UUID according to that algorithm, and another to register your address on the network (after confirming with the first person that you are legit).


Possibly using the hash of the registering-on-the-network log transaction as ID instead off UUID?  Or as a portion of your ID?


How do we prevent (or do we need to) corrupt Virtual Machines for doing fake registrations/IDs, etc.  Two hands writing where the Data Engine is the second hand?  How to deal with data explosion if we are doing signed transaction chains for all data including RAM!!??


Rate limit at which you can sign people on to the network to prevent polution by data explosion a kind of Denial of Service attack.


How to separate the processing from the data engine such that they can be two hands writing for eachother.

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