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On Eric's trip to NYC for the beginning of Agile Learning Centers / Manhattan Free School, we got some time to inquire into the deeper underlying "physics" that Streamscapes may embody and enable. This also involved bursts of decoding patterns in normal "physics" and looking for the lessons/patterns across them both. One juicy path of exploration was triggered by Paul Krafel's CAIRNS #73 and his thoughts on the "directionality" implicit in the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.


This triggered Art's re-statement of the second law as: “Thou shalt not concentrate power.”


Energy flows down like water in a stream… USABLE energy becomes less and less usable because every party in an interaction gets some. Concentrated energy is subject to entropy and is forced to “share” energy in every interaction with every “party” to that transaction. Maybe this is part of the "fuel" that keeps atoms running and that's where it falls to. 


Even in the dynamics of MATTER (not just energy) too much concentration is discourage. Gravitly pulls gasses together into stars. Atoms in a star collapse and fuse under the weight of gravity releasing ENERGY from the concentrated matter. The final result ends in a supernova which even scatters the concentration of matter.


Processing and storage will be finite (or at least limited in their capacity and rate of growth). There may be "entropy" to build into the system as almost a kind of "tax" that fuels the sustainability of the sytem.



  • Responses may be "cheaper" to send than requests.
  • We may want certain kind of signals to "escrow" credit which are returned if the signal was welcome or "consumed" if the signal was unwelcome.
  • To prevent scape updsate cascades from running infinitely by having a processing "budget" that runs out.  But it may also be increased by the number of listeners.

The yin yang symbol as it relates to two-hands-writing... There's a spot of black in the white and white in the black. Our processing and storage may be similarly interwoven... a dot of processing in the data engine, and a dot of data storage in the processings space.


There is an interlock between these parts. I wonder if the "keys" can be encoded in this segment of the other to truly intermarry securely.

CD_026+juicy bits

"Thou shalt not concentrate power"


Some processing capacities in the data engine. Some data storage (mem) in the data system. Both interlocked securely.


The "physics" of the space must be intentional. There are lessons we can learn from the thermodynamic behavior of matter as a system which keeps things running. We may need to build our "physics" similarly.



  • Sustainable patterns for running/fueling CEPTR networks.
  • Eudomonia - finding the pattern that sustains the highest energy level across the system.




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