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Semtrex matching an expectation pattern (subconscious):

When the subconscious "matches", it wakes up the conscious and "does something"

Core theme: 
Relational Integrity
Scapes are the embodied mechanism for those relationship
You have something that exists at an address (existence address - xaddr)

Your address scheme embodies the geometry of the existence relationship of things in that space.

Coherence space for this like a lat/long, physical address, etc.

A new node on the network only exists in the space of "nodes"

Family tree: hierarchical relationship geometry

Existence "scape" holds the relationships of existence

The first scape that every receptor must have is the existence scape, defines the geometry of things that come into existence.

How do you know deal with relationships of collections of things within that scape?

for example: How many houses are within a political boundary?  You then have another scape that defines the boundaries of houses.

Think of a scape as an index in the database, where the PK is existence scape.

Semtrex: Semantic Tree Expression

   (m>2 /
     (x=3 & y=2))
   & n=4 /
       (a=2 & b=3)

^ - begins with
$ - ends with
. - matches any element in...
/ - descend

postfix operators:
* - 0 or more what * is applied to (referring to the thing before it)
+ - 1 or more of what + is applied to (referring to the thing before it)
[m-n] - exactly between m to n repetitions of what [m,n] is applied on (the thing before it). For example, [0-5]: 0 to 5 repetitions of...
, - sequence

x|y - there is an x or a y
x,y - there is an x followed by a y (those two children in that sequence)
x&y - there is an x and y in any order

() - anonymous group (allows grouping across levels)
(:name ) - a named group, otherwise groups are anonymous and can be referenced using $1, $2, etc.

Structure (may be necessary, but not implemented yet):

n/x - selects child x in n
n/:int - selects any node with the structure "int" in n
:float/y - selects y from a parent node with the structure "float"


Difference between xpath and semtrex:  xpath carrier is ascii, semtrex carrier is semantic trees.


semtrex, subconcious, coherence, overview

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