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Getting back to Coding

  • Resolve: What are the composable elements of Flow Control
  • How do we properly separate, distinguish, and identify carriers and symbols for use in Semtrex
  • What operations are at the Sub-Conscious (inalterable system service level) vs. Conscious Level (accessible to Ceptr coders) 

Semantic spaces to refer to coherence that exists in the real world (as opposed to the digital world) but explicitly creating specification of the world-view that a particular semantics lives in, so as to take into account the "those animals which when seen at a distance appear as flies" problem.


What token is used as the semantic key that Semtrex matches on?:The index of a child entry in the symbol tree or a hash that's in a label table?  To start with, we will use use index in the symbol tree with the trick of using negative numbers for structures (which have a single instance), positive number for symbols (which have many instances) and the first 1024 of them reserved for system level ones that are pre-coded for all receptors have access to (i.e. label, int, float, receptor, etc) via a "symlink" type approach.


CD_035+juicy bits

"B.C" before cepter (for the semantic space that hold defenitions for the traditional computing world :-)

Exploring the compository: How is it structured? How do we identify and organize sub-parts of receptors that may be kept there? (Like scapes, enums, structures, symbols, etc.) How can they be assembled into installable collections?


Flow Control and Phases: like setup, process, teardown.  It's likely that phases will be generalized pattern for protocol development.  Also seems like definitions of structures vs. instantiations of named structures also corresponds with phasing.


Installer processes in VM host for instantiating receptors from compository.


carrier, conscious, semtrex, namespaces, flow control, symbols, symbol keys, compository

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